Scramble Pic is a welcome and unique addition to every golfer’s equipment bag

  • Scramble Pic® has proven itself as an even win golf accessory– a true winner for the golfer and winner to any business that sponsors its corporate or charity golf event. Continuous advertising every time the golfer pulls out his Scramble Pic for a round of Scramble Golf.
  • Scramble Pics are a unique product to make Scramble Golf even more fun. Contact us to help you with your custom designs.
  • They are immediately available with the Standard Scramble Pic plaid design or with Your Name to personalize and keep track of it.

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Personalized Scramble Pic

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Full Custom Scramble Pic

Custom Sale Now – Limited Time. Quick design using your logos, colors, or custom graphics. Click here to specify your needs and quantities. $17.99 each plus $50 one-time custom setup fee and UPS shipping.

About Us – The Creation of Scramble Pics

about-us-golf-cartThe Scramble golf game is one of the primary forms of tournament play for golf associations, charity events, and general enjoyment. Also true in Best Ball Golf,  these fast paced games involve constant stopping, starting, reaching and straining of the golfers to pick up balls.

The repeated effort and strain on the back and knees became the primary focus on developing a standardized ball retriever easy enough to “tap and go” rather than a primitive cup or net to fish the ball. Keeping in mind the ease of a faster and better retriever, the Scramble Pic was invented.

Scramble Pic and Scramble Ease LLC are dedicated to providing fast service and quality products to enhance your golf games for years to come.

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